Strength'N Education is a unique platform created by the view of a personal training, strength coach, and educator. This combination is combined with the most recent methods of scientific research that can be applied to reaching your goals, excelling in your career, or helping your clients achieve success.


Excel in your passion and create a specialty! 

           The K.I.S.S. Method of Tracking Calories For Weight Loss


Why is tracking calories important for weight loss? - Why should we exercise or be active for weight loss?

  • You will learn the basics behind what a calorie is, and what makes up metabolism. 

  • You will also learn how to make a detailed food log for weight loss or calorie maintenance tracking. 

  • I will also go over my 5 simple steps for making exercise and activity effective as you begin to lose weight.

  • Overall the most effective tool for anyone that wants to achieve a goal is knowledge!


Don't be fooled by brands that promise a quick fix, or claim to make it easy then sell you a product. Educate yourself and make weight loss a life long change, not just a month to month battle.

           Create A Marketing Plan for Your Fitness Business

  • This course is meant for personal trainers or individuals in the fitness industry that want a cost effective method to market their business. Think of this course as a template for your marketing plan.   

  • This course will focus on creating and implementing a marketing plan. We will go over all the steps to create a successful marketing plan and infuse it into a business plan. All business plans should have a detailed marketing plan embedded. This allows investors to gauge your methods of drawing in business, so they can determine if there will be a potential return on investment.  

  • Marketing plans often determine whether the business will be successful or will struggle and fade away. A well done marketing plan will give you specific long and short term goals for plan implementation. You will also create a realistic marketing budget based on anticipated income.  

  • This course will also talk about marketing on social media since that is a popular and cost effective method of marketing yourself.  

  • Do you know what your digital footprint is? If not you soon will!  

  • You will be able to view my example marketing plan for a small personal training company as you build a marketing plan that fits your needs.  

  • After this course you should have a marketing plan that is ready to implement for your benefit.

           Muscular Adaptations and Goal Specific Programming


This course will help the fitness professional get a deeper understanding on how the body reacts and adapts to different training modalities. Focusing on how the muscle fiber and nervous system adapt to strength/power, hypertrophy, and endurance specific training. This course will also dive into the basics on programming goal specific workouts.

This is a great recourse to use as continuing education.

           The Science of Size - Training for Hypertrophy and Strength


Your workout plans have to be organized and progressive! This gives the Individual security and confidence in the trainers abilities. When you are organized and have a thought out plan, the explanation and workout session will flow. This will lead to clients making progress and resigning training agreements.

My programming and exercise selection follow a few principles of lifting including: the overload principal, the principal of specificity, and the F.I.T.T. principle. This helps us stay organized and focused when creating goals and programming the get the best results.

I use science back information and list many of the resources at the end of the article. The infographs are a great blend of visual and written material.

Comes with several workout plans that can be customized to anyone!

For starters:

  • First, lets take a look at what happens in the body to build muscle. The physiology is fascinating!

    • To start - Muscle fibers adapt and hybrid fibers change characteristics

    • Muscle fiber recruitment

    • Mechanical loading

  • Then we will talk about the steps you need to take when programming for yourself or your clients.

    • How to make plans specific to people and goals

    • A progressive plan is a game changer

  • We will program several different workouts for hypertrophy. Covering different methods of structuring a periodized plan.

    • Different workout splits

    • How to program effective drop sets

  • I will also talk about the benefits of training accessories such as, bands and chains.

    • How these effect motor unit thresholds

    • When to use them

This course will be a mix of video lectures with written material and example workout plans to reinforce the message. I will have downloadable and external resources as well.

Personal Trainer.jpg
           NASM CPT Study Prep Made Easy

Learn from an instructor that has taught this material at a college level and has helped many trainers understand the exercise science behind NASM's method.


During my time as a program director at Vatterott College I spent many years teaching a large number of students the ways of NASM and how to effectively learn the material. During this time I have perfected my method of successfully delivering the information in a way that is easy to understand. Join this program and learn what I have taught many others.

Over 4 hours of video explanation content!!!

This is the simplified guide to passing the NASM Exam on the first try. This course is broken down into bullet points and videos explaining the important or hard to understand topics. In the videos I will include the page numbers of the material I am speaking to. That way you can easily follow along and have references for future studying.

The information of this course will be mostly video material, that being said be sure to review the bullet points provided in the resources tab.

In the resources tab there will be material to help you study.

To pass the NASM CPT exam:

  • Focus on understanding the bullet points.

  • Watch the videos

  • Follow along in the book

  • Complete your practice exams (that are provided by NASM when you purchase your certification)

  • If you get study questions wrong, find the answer in the book so you can understand why you missed it

  • Practice what you learn in the gym and on friends or family

  • Repeat

What does this course cover?

  1. NASM's Exercise Science

  2. How to Identify Muscle Imbalances and Perform Assessments

  3. OPT model and Exercise Progression

  4. NASM's Nutrition / Supplementation

  5. Client Behavior and Personal Development


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