Learn How To Pass Your NASM CPT Exam With Video Explanation 

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Make Self-Study Easy
Follow Along As I Go Chapter To Chapter Explaining Key Topics

Learn from an instructor that has taught this material at a college level and has helped many trainers understand the exercise science behind NASM's method.


During my time as a program director at Vatterott College I spent many years teaching a large number of students the ways of NASM and how to effectively learn the material. During this time I have perfected my method of successfully delivering the information in a way that is easy to understand. Join this program and learn what I have taught many others.

Over 4 hours of video explanation content!!!

This is the simplified guide to passing the NASM Exam on the first try. This course is broken down into bullet points and videos explaining the important or hard to understand topics. In the videos I will include the page numbers of the material I am speaking to. That way you can easily follow along and have references for future studying.

The information of this course will be mostly video material, that being said be sure to review the bullet points provided in the resources tab.

In the resources tab there will be material to help you study.

To pass the NASM CPT exam:

  • Focus on understanding the bullet points.

  • Watch the videos

  • Follow along in the book

  • Complete your practice exams (that are provided by NASM when you purchase your certification)

  • If you get study questions wrong, find the answer in the book so you can understand why you missed it

  • Practice what you learn in the gym and on friends or family

  • Repeat

What does this course cover?

  1. NASM's Exercise Science

  2. How to Identify Muscle Imbalances and Perform Assessments

  3. OPT model and Exercise Progression

  4. NASM's Nutrition / Supplementation

  5. Client Behavior and Personal Development


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